Binding the Past to the Present through Remembrance

A Heritage Lottery Funded partnership with
Salisbury Cathedral and Suzie Gutteridge.

Now open to the public from 26th October to the
25th November in the Cathedral's Morning Chapel.

This project will culminate in a unique installation to be displayed at Salisbury Cathedral, as part of the significant programme of events commemorating the First World War in Salisbury this November.

Workshops are underway with a wide range of local groups and communities to create the hundreds of felted poppies required.

As part of the workshops, we’ll be learning about:

  • What makes up the elements of the World War 1 Uniform, focusing on the puttee.
  • Stories from WW1.
  • The fabric that uniforms were made from and local wool making heritage.
  • New skills derived from historical techniques, such as how to wet felt using soap and water by hand.
  • How to create poppies from handmade felt.

What is a Puttee?

A wool puttee from World War 1 uniforms

The puttee was worn as a binding around the shins, almost like a bandage made of knitted wool. It didn’t need to be made in different sizes and would also stop your boot being sucked off in mud.

Close up image of felted poppies
Felted Poppies
Suzie working on felt for the Poppy Project
At work on the felt!
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That's Salisbury TV video on the making of the exhibition

That's Salisbury TV video of the installed exhibition