Amazing Presence, Light and Reactions and Support

I have spent some time at Salisbury Cathedral this afternoon both chatting to visitors and making sure the puttees are all in alinement (they seem to have a slight mind of their own and are obviously going to need a bit of putting back to “stand to attention” every so often)!

The Cathedral Works Department who helped install and have kindly put a red filter on one of the lights that shine on the installation which gives both a stirring atmosphere and wonderful shadows too.  Thank you.

I spoke with so many people who are obviously so interested in the story behind the project as well as just standing and taking it in or passing through the “field of puttees”.  It was a pleasure to see the reactions of visitors from both UK and abroad.  I came away feeling very proud of the results of this project and so grateful to all those who have made it possible.

From the starting point four years ago to the realisation of “Binding the Past To The Present Through Remembrance” I have to thank Salisbury Cathedral – Jacquiline Creswell for having faith in the idea from the beginning, Sarah Ricketts for helping to achieve Heritage Lottery Funding and Sarah’s replacement, Leigh Chalmers for all her hard work in getting the 15 workshops up and running, volunteers, all the admin necessary and constant encouragement and support.  Also, the Education Department and the five great volunteers, all 15 participating groups and all those who volunteered to help with cutting and sewing on poppies, especially Gay and Daisy Morgan and not least my family  who have supported me along the way.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS PROJECT SUCH A SUCCESS and of course to my Dad who gave me the materials to create the idea.



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